A Step In The Right Direction: Plant-Based Burger’s At A&W

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Enter the vacation zone ­čÖé

Last week I went on a lovely vacation to Vancouver and as soon as I arrived, I was in my vacation zone. When I get into my vacation zone I let loose and enjoy all the yummy foods my heart desires and step away from my low-carb, high-fat/keto style of eating. The first thing I wanted to enjoy during my vacation was the above pictured Beyond Meat Burger that has been added to the menu at A&W. I have been seeing this advertised over the last few weeks and I wanted to know what all the hype was about.

My review of the burger (taste perspective)

I give this a 5-star rating. When I say 5-star I mean that it was an excellent fast food burger. A hand-made gourmet burger is certainly tastier. I was so pleased with this burger because if I didn’t know it was plant-based going in I would never have known the difference from a regular beef burger. This really is a viable alternative to meat, that any average meat-lover can get on board with.

My review of the burger patty (nutrition/health perspective)

the other reason I was excited to try this burger was due to the fact that this is perhaps the healthiest veggie burger patty I have seen enter the market. I’m very pleased that it uses pea-protein as the only protein source and it doesn’t have junky soy protein isolate, which is a known hormone disruptor. Soy protein isolate can alter estrogen levels in the body if eaten in excess and this can really have a negative effect on testosterone levels. No thanks.

Another key consideration here are the fats used in the burger. It contains non-gmo┬ácanola oil as the main fat along with coconut oil. Canola oil isn’t my favourite┬á(it simply isn’t healthy), but at least it isn’t genetically modified.

The other beautiful thing about this burger patty is that they have made the nutrient composition very similar to a typical beef burger. What this means for me is that it fits beautifully into my keto diet, so long as I pair it with a keto bun, rather than a multigrain bun as seen above.

The Verdict:

All in all, this is a win in my book. This burger is a really gentle and tasty way to lower one’s carbon footprint by trading in some meat for a plant-based alternative. If we can reduce our meat intake wherever possible we can do our part in helping mother nature, since the production of meat is a major burden on the environment. It uses a ton of resources and creates a ton of waste.

Learn more about great plant-based alternatives by Beyond Meat

The maker of these burgers also has a ton of great plant-based alternatives to some favourite┬ámeat staples. They make alternatives to ground beef, chicken strips, sausages and more. Although, they’re not in Canadian Supermarkets yet they will be on their way soon. You can find them nation-wide in the United States.


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