Inclusive Nutrition + Fitness

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Good nutrition and fitness are for everybody, period. If you have a body, it needs fuel and it needs to move regularly in order to function optimally. No human body is exempt from these needs and thus everyone deserves to have solutions and strategies that work for them regardless of their diffabilities, socio-economic status, geographical location, cultural background, and access or lack thereof to fitness facilities. Since 2005 I have worked to support people of all diffabilities in a number of different capacities including support work and as a nutritionist, personal trainer and life skills coach. This includes:

  • People who have a weekly budget of $50-$75 for groceries
  • People who are unable to cook and rely on the microwave to be independent in the kitchen
  • People with conditions that make them feel obsessive about food and prone to major weight gain and need very tight controls on their food in order to avoid dire health consequences
  • People who haven’t worked out during the first 78 years of their life and are intimidated to start exercising
  • People who have very complex medical conditions that have damaged their joints, tendons & ligaments making most exercise unbearable or unsafe for them
  • People who feel so overwhelmed by all of the health information they see in the media that they just simply give up

Guess what? There were solutions for each and every one of the above-mentioned people. They were different for each person, a lot of times they were really hard to find and possibly less than ideal if looking through a lens of “the perfect diet or workout program”. Inclusive nutrition and fitness is about meeting people where they’re at and helping them make positive changes that help them become happier and healthier while being sustainable, affordable and enjoyable. While I may follow certain guidelines when it comes to selecting foods and exercise programs for myself, my job is to find the positive changes for my clients that will work for them and their lives right here, right now. In keeping with the theme of inclusive nutrition and fitness, the content on my blog will aim to make greater health accessible to everyone. This will include budget-friendly whole food recipes, the best possible food, and food products that work with low budgets, fitness routines that can be done with minimal or no equipment and recipes that can be made with limited ability in the kitchen. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of possibilities for this blog, it will give you a sense of what to expect and WHY this is important.


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