My Fav Snack: No Sugar Chocolate Chips

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Sugar-free chocolate chips are really a thing, and they’re pretty darn tasty too! They come in versions with and without dairy, some tastier than others. They will typically be sweetened with stevia and erythritol, both of which do not spike blood sugar at all and don’t have negative side effects.

Why They’re My Fav

I’m a chocoholic, but I’m also living a low-sugar lifestyle. Historically these two facts have been at odds with each other, but not anymore! I get to have my cake and eat it too. Since these don’t have any sugar in them, my brain doesn’t get the usual sugar reward from chocolate that tells it to keep eating. I am satisfied with only a small amount of these chocolate chips.

How I Like To Use Them

I like to have a small bowl of these chocolate chips most nights. I always need something sweet after dinner and these always satisfy that craving. They’re great for baked goods as well and I’m telling you no one would be the wiser that you used no sugar chocolate chips. You can also throw these lil’ guys into yogurt bowls, smoothies, and oatmeal bowls. The sky is the limit.


Health Benefits

  • No Sugar!! They taste great but don’t impact blood sugar levels.
  • High in prebiotic fibre. This fibre is food for the beneficial bacteria in our guts.

Brands I Like

Where To Buy

  • Organic Garage (Toronto, Oakville)
  • Goodness Me (Online + All over Ontario)
  • Herbs + Nutrition (My fav health food store in Toronto)
  • Whole Foods


The Krisda chocolate chips cost approximately $7-$9 and the Lily’s chocolate chips go for approximately $8-$10, both depending on the retailer.


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