Note from Adam: Today’s blog will give you some info on my absolute favourite protein/energy bars: Love Good Fats. Some may even say they’re my life force. This was written in collaboration with our Director of Strategic Planning and Communications, Janet (aka Mom). I’ve been starting to notice a couple little snap backs from Janet in her blog writing, don’t mind my interjections which can be found in italics.


There was a time when we never thought  the words “good” and “fat” would both be included in a product name!  But we have arrived. These energy bars have a decent amount of protein, they’re low in net carbs and are made with good quality fats. They come in many flavours, packed full of taste.

Why They’re My Fav

If you are like Adam who is always on the run, and tend to get a little “hangry” (what are you saying about me MOM?!)  if you don’t eat regularly, then these bars are for you! They’ll provide you the fuel you need to keep going all the while feeling full and satisfied.

The good news is that they are low carb, but don’t taste it. They are a  perfect choice for those who eat a keto diet, those who require a diet low in sugar and well they’re a pretty great choice for most everyone!


Health Benefits

  • Made with high quality fats that are good for you!
  • Low net carbs – approximately 4-5g.
  • High fibre – Adam really notices a positive impact on his digestion. No further explanation required.
  • Helpful in keeping blood sugar levels stable, in turn providing stable energy.

Where To Buy

  • Costco – sold in various variety packs, in-store and online
  • Walmart
  • Most grocery stores, in the natural/organic aisle
  • Health food stores


  • Good fats energy bars cost approximately $2.50 to $3.00 per bar.
  • A box of 24 bars at Costco (online) works out to about $2.05 per bar
  • A box of 12 bars in store at Costco works out to $1.60 per bar. That’s the best deal we’ve found!


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