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Note From Adam:  As a nutritionist the question of what oils are best to cook with comes up A LOT. Below are my favs and they’re listed from highest smoke points to lowest. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of oils, but these are my favs keeping in mind quality and reasonable prices.

Finding the right oil to use when cooking is not an easy task! Believe me, not all oils are created equal. Some are good for baking, others are great used in salad dressings, while a few have higher smoke points, and are great for sautéing and cooking at high temperatures. It is best to buy products that are labeled as unrefined, cold pressed or extra virgin.

It is a slippery slope when it comes to oil (literally). When heated past their smoke point fat begins to break down releasing harmful free radicals.

Here are some of my favourite oils and their smoke points:

*Please note these are approximations – individual products may vary


Why They’re My Fav

  • These oils in particular are typically processed very minimally, leading to a product that is created the way mother nature intended. 
  • They are versatile and healthy! (nothing like mixing a few of my favourite herbs in with extra virgin olive oil and dipping some artisan bread or veggies, yum!) 
  • They can be used both internally and externally. 😉 Coconut oil in particular makes for a great moisturizer and is very cheap to boot.

Where to Buy

  • Grocery stores in both the general oil section and the organic/natural foods section
  • Costco – sold in both single and 2 packs (this is where you can get the cheapest options for all of the above oils)
  • Walmart
  • Health food stores


There is a wide range in pricing depending on the oil, the quality, and the size. And you’ll pay a bit more if you choose to buy an organic product.

Avocado Oil
$ 10.00 – $16.00 (Costco has a $14-$15 1L bottle)

Grape Seed Oil
$5.00 – $8.00 for a small bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
$ 7.00 – $10.00 (Costco sells an organic 2-pack (1L each) for about $13.00)

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
$10.00 – $15.00 for a small jar, but we recommend going for the monster 2.6L container at Costco for about $16-$17



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