The Robo Twist Jar Opener can be a life saver! Have you ever come home from a long day and are just HANGRY (hungry with an edge) ?

If you are like me you just want to open that jar of salsa or your favourite spaghetti sauce and make a quick meal. The problem is that it feels like the lids have been put on with crazy glue! And no amount of muscle, running under water or chipping away at the lid with the back of a spoon is going to get it off. Enter the Robo Twist Jar Opener.

What is this tool?

Robo Twist is a hands free jar opener. This tool fits over the lid of a jar or bottle, requiring only the push of a button to start. It is safe to use, there aren’t any sharp blades and it requires only batteries. This tool can be used on lids of varying sizes from 1” – 3.5” diameter. It is compact allowing for easy storage.

Who is it helpful for?

Robo Twist is helpful for most of us in the kitchen, but may be particularly useful for those that have limited hand/wrist strength due to arthritis or other conditions.

How much does it cost?

The cost ranges from $18.00 up to $29.99.  However online purchasing prices do vary.

Where can I get it?

You can find this product at Walmart, Canadian Tire and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Robo Twist can be easily found online at Amazon or Showcase As Seen On TV.

Want to see one of these choppers in action? Check out the video below!


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