I never thought I’d see the day when cookies and low sugar snack bars would get married. Well, I was wrong and the wedding ceremony was beautiful. Good To Go Bars (pictured above) are now in my inner snack circle along with Love Good Fat Bars and I believe they should be in yours as well.

Why They’re My Fav

Firstly, these babies taste incredible and have a nice soft cookie-like texture. They come in four flavours: cocoa coconut, vanilla almond, cinnamon pecan and lemon raspberry (this flav is my fav). They are all low in sugar and high in fibre, loaded with healthy fats making them a nice satiating snack.


Health Benefits

  • Made with high quality fats that are good for you!
  • Low net carbs – approximately 3g per bar.
  • High fibre – approximately 7-8g per bar. This is a nice feature for healthy BM’s
  • Helpful in keeping blood sugar levels stable, in turn providing stable energy.

Where To Buy

  • Loblaws stores
  • Health food stores
  • Amazon
  • Well.ca
  • The places where you can buy them are limited at the moment, but they’re really tasty so I suspect this will rapidly change.


  •  Loblaws sells them for $2.59 per bar. This is the best price I’ve found thus far.
  • Well.ca sells them for $2.99 per bar.
  • I found a case of 9 on Amazon for $24.99.


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