My Philosophy

Mission: To provide practical solutions to help people be happier and healthier


My Vision: A world where achieving great health is simple, fun and accessible to everyone!


My Core Values


The world can be a scary place and these scary things are very over-emphasized in the media. We need more hope and optimism. That’s not to say we should ignore the bad, rather we should focus our attention and efforts on creating solutions that will overcome the bad. All of my work and contributions to the world will come from a place of optimism. Negativity and fear-mongering have never helped anyone, so I strive to do the opposite of that. I want you to look forward to getting happier and healthier. It’s a great thing, I promise!



This is an important part of my work and belief system. Here’s how I want honesty to be a part of my work and business:

  • Everything I do, create, sell etc will come from a place of service to you. I’m not here to make a quick buck by selling snake oil or creating hype about nonsense health products. Everything I offer I whole-heartedly believe will be of benefit to you. And if something isn’t beneficial for you, I’ll tell you. (remember, everyone is different)
  • I will be genuine in my approach to communicating with you and passing on my knowledge of nutrition, fitness and health.
  • I see accountability as an important facet of honesty. If I’m wrong or make a mistake, I will own it. That is the best/fastest way to learn and grow!



I care about all of the people I work with and provide service to. I promise to be kind to you and I also encourage you to be kind to you as well! The health + wellness industry, unfortunately, promotes unrealistic body expectations for many, leading to a lot of self-loathing and hatred. This is the opposite of being happy and healthy, so let’s lead with kindness. It goes a long way. I will also strive to be kind to the planet by offering plant-based recipes, strategies to lower our carbon footprint and highlight great products, offered by great companies.



I love learning and growing! I am always learning something new and working to develop myself personally and professionally. I promise to constantly expand my knowledge and expertise to create the best services and product offerings possible. Being in a state of growth and development can be challenging at times, but helps increase self-confidence, courage, strength and contentment with life. These are all good things I want for myself and YOU!


My 10 Commitments


1. I commit to finding the simplest ways to be healthy

2. I commit to being my honest, genuine self

3. I commit to being accountable

4. I commit to having an open mind

5. I commit to being flexible when something isn’t working

6. I commit to creating a positive, inclusive community (no haters allowed)

7. I commit to treating my clients as well as I treat my friends and family

8. I commit to getting back up when I fall down

9. I commit to providing solutions, rather than simply highlighting problems

10. I commit to constant growth and improvement to provide the best services possible

The contributions I want to make in the world

  1. Help in taking down the stronghold sugar and carbs have on so many peoples lives
  2. Help banish fat-phobia
  3. Simplify healthy living (it doesn’t have to be so damn hard)
  4. Encourage everyone to find their inner and physical strength no matter what their circumstance